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Where a single-family house once stood, we have built 21 apartments on 2400 m2 plot of land. Three cubic buildings form a residential complex that blends harmoniously into the loosely built environment on the outskirts of Feldkirch. We focused on the individual quality of living and the relationship with the landscape. The 2 to 4-room apartments are accessed by a common greened and roofed inner courtyard, which also serves as a meeting zone for the residents. This allowed us to reduce traffic areas and create larger but affordable housing units for families. Gardens, widely projecting balconies and terraces offer generous private spaces.

The three mixed timber construction buildings each accommodate 21 apartments on three floors. The exterior walls are made of wood, while the foundations, access and ceilings are made of reinforced concrete. The dark glazed wooden slats on the façade and balcony balustrade contrast effectively with the exposed concrete surfaces of the access zone. Large elliptical openings in the distribution platforms bring light and air into the inner courtyard and offer attractive views.

We achieved the optimal ratio of built-up area to living space primarily through the common central circulation platform for all three buildings. This also enabled us to preserve the old trees and a large part of the existing garden.

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