Qingli Hotel

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Dishui Village, Weizhou Island , Beihai , China
1 Mio. – 100 Mio.
1–5 Stockwerke

The projects starts with an invitation from one 80’s couple, they like to make a small hotel after they visited Weizhou Island. It is my first time to hear about this island and our studio is excited to accept the commission.
Weizhou Island is located at the Beihai sea region, north is the Beihai City and South is the Hainan Island. The area of the island is 24.74sq.km, it is the youngest volcano island and also biggest island at Guangxi. Our project is located at the Dishui Village where having the best sea view.
The client rents a four storey building. total area is around 400sqm and it is built by local villagers. Because of management and cost issue, the building quality in general is not satisfactory. We also need to face the aspects of poor infrastructure, high labor cost and lack of material supply.
The site is in rectangular shape, west side is facing sea while east side is main road. The building in plan is 9mx12m, 4 storeys total. In terms of spatial quality, we want to emphasis the relationship between human and nature, how we provide a quiet living experience in this primitive village?
First floor of the building is the public area with reception, bar and restaurant. It is an open plan design and full height glass doors facing the sea. When good weather or party, the floor can be used together with the garden. The main material is self levelling floor plus wood furniture, the cross lighting at the ceiling enhances the sense of space division.
From 2nd to 4th floor are the guest rooms, we have designed 13 rooms including single room, double room, family room and Japanese style room. The design concept is to make people feel like living at home. The room is designed with concerns of views to the sea: the long shape seafront washroom , the side rooms triangle balcony and the top floor skylight bathroom etc. The whole building is painted in white, it is quietly settled between the blue sky and ocean.
We wish QINGLI is not only a hotel, but also the place we may appreciate our nature.

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