BSE Vocational School

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Transparent administration: the architecture of the Vocational School of Administration by AllesWirdGut demonstrates closeness to citizens, openness, and transparence.

The only thing that encloses the new school building in Embelgasse in Vienna’s 5th district is in fact the block perimeter. Large ground-floor glass surfaces afford an insight into everyday school life and open the green courtyard to the street space. The outward appearance of the new vocational school is characterized by transparence, openness, and through-views. On the upper floors, the school activities are showcased compartmentalized like in a type case as part of both the facade and the street space. Thus the close interrelation of public administration and the public is given architectural expression that is enriching for both sides. Through a generous two-level foyer, students get to the classrooms which start from the second upper floor. The foyer brings light, air, and the verdure of the courtyard garden into the building. Classrooms are kept transparent toward the circulation and communication areas—which creates a continuum of learning, working and communication areas flowing into one another. In addition to the green courtyard, students can use a sunny courtyard terrace on the second floor. Open spaces are available to students at any time within a few steps.

Start of construction
September 2013

February 2015

5,820 m2

Project architects
Martin Brandt, Johannes Windbichler

Alexander Mayer, Christian Zotz, Johann Wittenberger, Isabel Espinoza Tratter, Ondrej Stehlik, Atsushi Kaneko

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