Photo © Rupert Steiner
Photo © Rupert Steiner
Photo © Rupert Steiner
Photo © Rupert Steiner
Drawing © Architects Tillner & Willinger


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Beatrixgasse 11, 1030 Wien
Beatrixgasse 11-17 GmbH ein Projekt der ARE Development
Structural Engineering
Hollinsky & Partner Ziviltechnikergesellschaft m.b.H
Landscape Architecture
DnD Landschaftsplanung ZT KG
Building Physics
Schöberl & Pöll GmbH
Building Services
BPS Engineering Brunner & Partner OEG Technisches Büro zur Planung haustechnischer Anlagen

The property for the building studies of Beatrixgasse 11 is situated in a protection and living zone in the third district.
Ungergasse is located close to the area with a great infrastructure including restaurants and shops. This project will upgrade the well located site as a residential area.
To the north the property is boardered by the quiet street Ungargasse, towards the west a fantastic view opens up across the park. A quiet courtyard on the southern and eastern side is docking onto the adjoining house Ungergasse 10 and onto the music college.
The site offers an extraordinary interaction between a central position, great visibility and a green quiet area which is rarely findable in Vienna.

The building will be a residential building with a clearly visible zone on the ground-level which can be used as restaurant, shop or café.
The hillside with a ground incline from southeast to southwest is affecting the design in a positive way. The ground-level is therefore completed with a mezzanine lying partially below ground-level and offering space for storage chambers.
On the first floor are two apartment units beside a neutral zone at the well visible cornern between the park and the courtyard that cannot just be used as an apartment but also as a surgery as it is accessible at the same level.
The appearance of the facade is characterized by great window openings towards the green topographie and balconies as well as loggias located on the outskirts.
At the section of the restaurant and the foyer the ground level will have a generous glass facade.
The famous western facade towards the park presents harmonical proportions due to a threefold division. Loggias to the left, centrally relocated facade elements and balconies to the right characterize the appearance.
The facade on the side of the street will also be divided into three parts, glazed room-high sliding elements are located in the middle which transport “open space atmosphere” to the apartments interior.

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