Photo © Horst Michael Lechner
Photo © Horst Michael Lechner
Photo © Horst Michael Lechner

residential & studio house Lechner

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Priesterhausgasse 18, 5020 Salzburg

Anyone who wants to make their dream of owning their own house come true these days is usually looking for lots of space and nature. This project shows that there is another way – in the middle of the old town of Salzburg. An attempt is made there to realize a holistic, modern life model through an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of life.

For this purpose, an energy-efficient house was built in the middle of Salzburg's old town. Such a project in Zone 1 (World Heritage Site) of course requires an intensive examination of the location and perseverance for the development and implementation. The goal was to strengthen the European city and to combine living and working in one place.

The focus is on efficient use, functionality and comfort: "Everything you dream of". Workplace, living space and leisure area are brought under one roof on several levels. But above all, the house tries to ensure autonomy in energy and leisure quality. Around 35 m2 of photovoltaic systems, whose panels also work with diffuse light due to the lack of all-day sunlight, generate more electricity than is required for heating, household appliances and lighting.

The generated electricity is u. a. A geothermal heat pump is operated, which heats in winter and is also used for cooling in summer. The room temperature is supported by controlled living space ventilation with heat recovery. Instead of fleeing the city, we focus on leisure time in the house in the city: "Feel good at home, in the office and in your own garden. The roof terrace incorporates the city into the living space and at the same time functions as a garden in which e.g. grow your own tomatoes. Planting and harvesting supports the prevailing idea of ​​autonomy and sustainability and supports the quality of life.

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