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What came before architecture and what comes after?

Baumschlager Hutter Partners was formed in 2010. Carlo Baumschlager and Jesco Hutter together with Miriam Seiler and Oliver Baldauf joined forces in a partnership.

Our combined knowledge is fuelled by the experience of over 300 realized buildings. Numerous prizes, honors and competition wins prove and confirm the quality of our work. Two generations of architects have come together at Baumschlager Hutter in order to pool their experience and innovative strengths to the advantage of their clients. From our 6 offices in Dornbirn and Vienna, Austria, Heerbrugg, St. Gallen and Zürich, Switzerland, and Munich, Germany, we are presently working on projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, and Croatia.

Carlo Baumschlager is professor of architecture and art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and a regular jury member for natio­nal and international architectural competitions in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

We place the highest demands on the quality of our work and welcome a second viewing to strengthen our accountability. We, together with our experienced team, work on each project with commitment and dedication to our clients. Although our project portfolio includes infrastructure buildings, hospitals, hotel and restaurant projects, as well as office and commercial buildings, we can say that our particular expertise lies in residential building.

We see concentrated residential building and retroactive densification as the currently most important themes in building projects. Precisely there lie the greatest developmental possibilities for urban planning and architecture. We address the question of the quality of architectural culture in direct connection with the given economic constraints. We are committed to organizing questions, creating an overview, and to clarifying all processes, themes, and theses. At the same time, we want to clearly show architecture as an art.

We have been architects for decades. Our experience has evolved and with it the power of imagination. And still everything revolves around the question: what came before architecture and what comes after. Our buildings want to use the energy of the location to awaken emotions – and to do so as pragmatically as possible.

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