Photo © hertha hurnaus
Photo © Hertha Hurnaus

Linz09 Infocenter

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Hauptplatz, Linz
1st prize

Linz is province; rhymes and has been used often and with pleasure. And it's also true. In principle, that's not a bad thing; it only gets worse when people try to appear particularly urbane or "styled" out of this condition.

The answer can be understood as a winking reference to regionality; of course also as an inviting gesture; the checkered tablecloth as a symbol of hospitality.

and more than this oversized tablecloth does not appear, no information through large signage, through flags or facade lettering; the infopoint should explain itself...
it was very important for Caramel to "not come into contact" with the historically burdened existing structure. so a single new layer, like a cloth, was laid on the existing floor. it curves upwards to form pieces of furniture and finally ends up as a paravant with a distance to the existing structure.

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