Visualization © Dietrich Untertrifaller
Visualization © Dietrich Untertrifaller
Visualization © Dietrich Untertrifaller
Visualization © Dietrich Untertrifaller
Visualization © Dietrich Untertrifaller

Kleineschholz Quarter

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Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Our concept integrates a wide variety of living situations and building types, with a focus on low-cost housing. The typological variety of its building structure and the mixed sponsorship of rented flats, owner-occupied buildings and assemblies ensure a desirable social diversity. Families and singles, children, young and old people, locals and new residents live here. Urban craftsmen, self-employed workers and service providers are part of the districts urban development. Together they form a stable, self-regulating social structure consisting of diverse responsibilities, life cycles and local references.

The western edge of the Stühlinger Quarter in Freiburg is characterized by large administrative buildings, which are well frequented during the day, but empty in the evening and on weekends. The urban redevelopment will create dense residential quarters that will allow a diverse and vivid use that enlivens the district and provides social security.
From an ecological, functional and social point of view, the spacious public park in the center of the quarter plays an important role in Freiburg’s urban development. It connects the green zone and promenade between the main cemetery and the southern Eschholzpark and also creates cross-references with the different uses of the surrounding area.

Car traffic is conducted in a neighborhood street with an inner-city character. In the future, only cyclists, inline skaters and pedestrians will use the former expressway to cross the park. The multi-story car park in the south and the underground garage in the north are accessed from outside the quarter.

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