Photo © Teo Krijgsman
Photo © Teo Krijgsman
Photo © Teo Krijgsman

David Lewis Production | DJ Agency

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Anthony Fokkerweg 61, 1059 CP, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Leya Chair – Starting as a single piece, over the years, the Leya model created by Hamburg design-duo Hoffmann & Kahleyss has given birth to a multitudinous product family encompassing everything from stools, to armchairs through to couches and benches. All products of the Leya family follow the same design attributes - namely the combination of elegant, tightly upholstered exteriors with a soft, padded interior which feels like cushion nestling against as the user sits. It is the perfect synthesis between timeless elegance and maximum comfort that makes the Leya product range, completed by a matching side table, such a success.

Competence Freifrau
Leya Chair


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