Photo © Bruno Klomfar
Photo © Bruno Klomfar
Photo © Bruno Klomfar
Photo © Bruno Klomfar
Photo © Bruno Klomfar
Photo © Bruno Klomfar
Photo © Bruno Klomfar

aha Jugendinformationszentrum

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Rathausplatz 2, 6850 Dornbirn
aha - Jugendinformationszentrum
raumhochrosen - Heike Schlauch und Robert Fabach

Renovation and reshaping of the Jugendinformationszentrum „aha“

The initial state was a youth Information Center in an ideal position next to the train station but has outgrown its original setting.

The complex identity of the „aha“ and its varying services was a challenging task: a search for a new creative identity.

Intense dialogue with users – workshops with teenagers and employees

This is why we started an intense dialogue with the users. In several workshops with teenagers and employees functionality, difficulties and potentials were considered.

Measures – Spatial rearrangement and renovation of surfaces

The most important constructive intervention was certainly the demolition of the inner wall just behind the entrance, in order to open the room and position the counter on a central spot. Further a separable room for counselling was installed which is still part of the entire room.

The floor was coated with epoxy-resin flowing screed. For  the  most  part the furniture was specially maunfactured and adapted to the actual needs. With regard to the tight budget some could be preserved such as the complete lightning, the suspended ceiling and the windows.

Design concept:

•    three coloured loops interweaved with each other build a stimulating large scale basic form. Each surface inside is  painted in one shade of colour.

•    the colour concept works in addition to the graphic appearance

•    single pieces of furntiture with motives of mobility

A central step for us in the design was the renewal of the outdoor appearance. As a signal for the teenagers and impuls for the employees the aha was given a new spatial appearance through effective interventions to support the working process.

Outside Appearance

The presence outwards, the percebtibility of seeing the aha from the station and the marking of the entrance is achieved through a projecting wall to catch visitors and to communicate the logo. The red loop continues to the outside, brings the colouring in the frontyard and welcomes the visitors.

Inside – Opening and structuring of the room

Three coloured loops interweaved give the room a positive, visual atmosphere and a gently stimulating background. Several areas are formed with different possibilties of expression.

A bright and fresh area next to the window to the street, a yellow-green, concentrated area in view of the garden, which leads to the counselling area. The red-orange loop introduces the entrance and the counter as point of Infromation.

Colouring - Adjusted to a new graphic appearance

The carefully adjusted and prominent colour concept creates a postive, visual atmosphere. The coloured background forms a strong but gentle setting for the variety of info material.

In addition to the explicit colouring, the new graphic appearance we consciously chose ambivalent transistive tones of colour which appear due to time of day and light incident in different shades. The room and the graphic complete each other and do not concur.

The monochrome colouring underlines the themes and simultaneously brings the variety of material together.

Spatial dramaturgy trough single pieces of furniture with associative motives of mobility

entrance at the frontyard – attendance to the room – info column and pin board – info counter and personal contact

The associative field of mobility signalises departure, change and is realised through detailed motives and materials such as motorbile foot rests and wood case ply wood.

The table for event announcements reminds of an abstract landscape which at the same moment provides clarity for the flood of information.

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