“Building with rock and on the rock”, Salzburg

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Landscape Architecture
Karin Standler

In the city centre of Salzburg at the Rainberg, 70 privately financed high-quality apartments and penthouses are being developed. Exhibition rooms, a design hotel and an inn are also located on these grounds. The open space forms what can be regarded as a bracket around the area with its different types of buildings. The design defines public, residential and private areas.

Miniature landscapes: the transition from public to private open space is drafted as miniature landscape. Boulders with different heights are used for visual protection for the private open space. The miniaturised rock landscape separates the residential buildings from the public space. Passers-by stroll along these miniature landscapes, while residents are able to enjoy their private spheres behind them.

Cracks in the landscape: abutting rock is integrated in the design of the surfaces. The ground is “cracked open” and the resulting fissures expose the geology underneath the surface. Natural vegetation becomes visible as the understory on this terrain, forming on the stones and rocks and emerging from the fissures. Ferns, mosses, various types of grass and shrubs grow next to the rocks and structure the open space. A water basin along a wall of rock that is part of the Rainberg is another attraction and serves as a buffer between rock and building.

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