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Alice Größinger, Caramel Architekten

Park at Danube Channel, Vienna

The Donaukanal, an urban open space in the centre of Vienna, included a largely unused green grass strip. Street workers came up with the suggestion of using this strip and converting it into an open space for young people. The street workers took their idea to the Viennese building authority. Young people were given the opportunity to express their wishes during a participation process. This open space for young people was defined as such in a planning workshop, and suitable furniture for sitting, reposing, chatting, watching, meeting and exercising was designed.

A lounger-seat platform made of larch wood placed under large, old leafy trees is available for relaxation and hanging-out. The seat backs are made of compact foam boards. The fence with seating elements on both sides has several functions: the seats next to the green area are designed for watching and retreating. The seating elements that are oriented towards the Donaukanal allow people to watch what is going on at the river channel and to sunbathe. The seating and fencing elements consist of a steel frame with compact boards. The boards provide space for graffiti painting and were already artistically decorated within the first few weeks. The grass area has the size of a volleyball field. A volleyball net can be set up on request. A seating tube made of fibre-glass reinforced polyester provides protection from rain (not implemented).

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