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Schiltern plots garden

Schiltern is situated where the Lower Austrian Weinviertel region borders the Waldviertel. The landscape is varied and diverse. In this environment, the open space between two tracts of a former wine-growing estate was redesigned. In contrast to the small-scale landscape, the inner courtyard should be developed into a spacious, clearly structured, bright, paved area connecting the buildings tracts and fulfilling the requirements of everyday use. The paved area in the courtyard is in contrast to the lush environment and radiates Mediterranean flair. From the courtyard it is possible to enjoy views of the landscape. The entire plot of land stretches out across the courtyard and along several terraces leading up the slope to the church. The usage of every terrace is dedicated to a specific theme. The wine terrace, the orchard and the vegetable garden, for example, are used for own supply.

Due to the many usage requirements of the courtyard, the balance between vegetation and paved area should be reversed by creating small garden plots. A layer of paths and access roads was applied on the courtyard pattern. This structuring yielded the plot locations. Each plot represents an independent part of the garden with specific plants or functions: the “hot spot” for grilling fires, the “water plot” as open-air shower, the “kitchen plot” as bed of herbs. “Plant plots” provided colourful flower spots in the courtyard. This plot concept is flexible enough to allow adaptations for new requirements. If children live in the house, one of the “plant plots” can easily be converted into a “sandbox plot”.

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