Photo © Robert Leš
Photo © Robert Leš
Photo © Robert Leš
Photo © Robert Leš
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Photo © Robert Leš
Photo © Robert Leš
Photo © Robert Leš
Photo © Robert Leš
Photo © Robert Leš

Olive House

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Located on the lovely island of Pag (Croatia), the luxurious Olive House is hidden in a hillside along the Adriatic coast. Adapted perfectly to the local surroundings, it is mainly the details that make the family home unique.

The sophisticated architecture by the star architects Tea Horvat and Radovan Šobat makes use of the special features of the landscape and reduces their dangers. The breathtaking view of the Adriatic and the mountains, the Mediterranean climate, the traditional Pag rock formations and also the typical timber-clad window shades are perfectly emphasised in this property.

Influences such as the hillside location of the property, the intensive gusts of wind and the summer heat are tempered with the help of the sophisticated architecture. Natural materials such as stone and wood are skilfully combined with traditional building materials such as concrete, metal and glass. The flat roof is elaborately beautified with colourful plants from the region.

A high-quality wooden patio on the west side of the property offers an impressive view of the sea. A second patio on the opposite side with access to the kitchen guarantees absolute privacy thanks to a decoratively designed stone wall. The overall impression of the property is rounded off in outstanding fashion on the south side by the rectangular pool with spacious sunbathing area and a creatively and generously constructed garden. All access points to the patio are arranged entirely without thresholds using large KELLER minimal windows® sliding systems and underline the architecture, which is characterised by its openness, as an ideal component of the villa.

The extraordinary property is characterised by its contrasts; introverted from the outside and at the same time extroverted from the inside. The heart of the house is represented by an olive tree in the open, which really was placed in the centre of the building and is shown to its best advantage by the KELLER minimal windows® design sliding systems. The barrier between indoors and outdoors disappears completely here.

The rooms of the property are distributed over two storeys in all. Common rooms such as kitchen, dining room and living room are housed on the upper floor. Also on this floor are three bedrooms with bathroom and the main entrance. At the owner's request a gym and a spacious spa area were installed on the ground floor along with a wine cellar. The exclusive interior design is finished brilliant white with colourful accents. Tailor-made designer furniture defines the noble character of the luxurious "Olive House".

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