EFH in Biberist

Biberist, Switzerland, 2021

Bathroom transformation single-family house in Biberist with bathroom faucet KWC and hand shower KWC CHOICE design. KWC BEVO: How can...

Conversion family house in Ueberstorf

Ueberstorf, Switzerland, 2021

Bathroom remodeling with the product line KWC BEVO in chrome.

Apartment renovation St. Gallenkappel

St. Gallenkappel, Switzerland, 2021

Apartment renovation in St. Gallenkappel with kitchen faucet KWC LIVELLO and bathroom faucet KWC BEVO. KWC LIVELLO: Clean-cut and cro...

520 WEST 28TH

New York City, USA, 2017

The collection of residences at 520 West 28th represents Zaha Hadid’s vision for modern living. Working within her distinctive architectu...

Arte Seminar- und Konferenzhotel

Olten, Switzerland, 2015

This 4-star hotel is well-known in Switzerland as an excellent conference and seminar hotel. It is located in the heart of Switzerland, s...

Seerose Resort & Spa

Meisterschwanden, Switzerland, 2013

Immerse yourself and just be. In the middle of the Aargauer Seetal, emnbraced by beautiful nature, the Seerose Resort & Spa is located di...

Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées & Spa

Haute-Nendaz , Switzerland, 2013

Situated at the heart of the Haute-Nendaz mountain station and the “Quatre Vallées” ski resort, the Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées & Spa, superb ...

Hotel Absalon

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1983

Located in one of Copenhagen’s most vibrant and creative neighborhoods, the 4-star family-owned hotel is charming and eclectic in equal m...