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Bonn, Germany

Dialectic between light and space

Light is a fascinating and powerfully expressive medium. Light and space are closely interrelated and therefore, influence each other. This offers enormous potential to the design development. As lighting designers, we make use of these opportunities to support the architectural expression.

A thorough analysis of place, architecture and space, as well as exploring and understanding their historical and contemporary context is vital to the development of the lighting vision for each and every project we embark upon.

Furthermore, we examine our designs with technical exertion, which continuously develops further at every stage of the project. As part of our design strategy, constant testing of state of the art lighting technologies, with the aid of calculations and visualization tools help us realize and communicate lighting solutions in the most efficient and sustainable manner.

Good lighting design is the successful dialectic between light and space. It facilitates the perception of spatial relationships and offers a new holistic impression of space.

Competences: Lighting Design | Masterplanning | Daylight Studies | Development of Lighting Elements | Light Installations + Art | Efficiency + Ecology

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