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We believe in an architecture that reveals beauty through performance. We place experience of space and place at the core of our design, whereby culture and nature are the source of our inspiration. Design innovation is the tool through which we continue to achieve new heights.

Najjar Studios is an interdisciplinary practice where passionate professionals share their excitement for design and research. Founded in 1999 by Karim and Rames Najjar, the studio is based in both Vienna and Beirut. Creating innovative and experience driven architecture has always been important, and is reflected in the studio’s many recognitions through which it has made its name.

With awards, publications, and exhibitions in Berlin, Paris, Beirut, Tokyo, and beyond, the studio’s work has proven that diversity is its strength.The multilingual team produces a variety of design work ranging from industrial and residential architecture to yacht and installation design.

Our engagement in academia blurs the boundary between practice and research and maintains our relevance and contemporary spirit in sync with the times. The studio is becoming increasingly concerned with environmental and public interest design in order to address the challenges of our shared future at a global scale.

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