Marco Ostertag

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1959  born in Vorarlberg, Austria

1989  Diploma at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Master Studies under Prof. Gustav Peichl, Master School Award

1982-1987  Collaboration with Prof. Peter Weibel

1986-1990  Collaboration with André Heller, including works such as „Luna Luna – Reisendes Territorium der Phantasie“, Premiere 1987, Hamburg

1990-2000  Partner and cofounder of NFOG: Nigst-Fonatti-Ostertag-Gaisrucker


OSTERTAG ARCHITEKTEN was founded in Vienna as a network of architects, planners, and engineers.

The field of work comprises planning for urban infrastructure, new construction, and the modernization of train stations, as well as business and residential development for individual and commercial clientele. Through the integration of innovative technologies, impulses from other disciplines, on-going changes in business, and continued research and practice at both a regional and international level, our holistic approach toward architecture is constantly updated and integrated into the design process, which is set forth as architecture. This conception is based on solid strategies, as adaptive elements that possess enough flexibility to remain versatile.