Red Dot Award | Winner

The design of the PanoramAH! Ultra-Minimalist sliding window returns to the fundamentals of minimalism and focuses on light and transparency while, at the same time, meeting high thermal standards. This is made possible by the use of vacuum glass. Glass that is only 12 mm thick here achieves the performance of quadruple glazing. Due to the very trimmed-down thickness of the glass, the aluminium structure of this frameless sliding window is proportionally reduced. The result is a slim system in which the width of the visible profile is also very narrow.

Red Dot Design Award | Best of the Best

The PanoramAH! Skylight by Unlimited Perspective won over 40-member expert jury for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014. In one of the world’s largest and most renowned product competitions, the company proved its design excellence with its inclines window / skylight. The PanoramAH! Skylight is an innovative opening solution that allows inclined panels of glass to be opened allowing easy access to roof terraces and big ventilation areas. The system relies on a unique track system that allows sliding elements to be operated at any given angle. It can be manual or motorized and be interconnected with the domotics (home automation system) in order to automate tasks such as scheduled opening / closing, rain sensitive sensor or intelligent heated glass.