Ambient Twist Studio and Broadcast Facilities

Veech x Veech Architects

Employing conventional materials in unconventional ways, Veech x Veech delivered a visually high-impact TV studio in a tight time frame by innovatively using light to sculpt the space, creating a dramatic on-screen brand.

Part of a wider Veech x Veech project to convert the ground floor and basement of a 19th-century building into high-tech broadcast and production facilities and offices for the Austrian broadcaster ORF, the 60sqm Ambient Twist studio was an artistic response to create a distinctive programme identity, which was designed and delivered in just four weeks. The studio’s name derives from the use of reflective twisted plastic to make a perimeter wall. Integrated into this wall is LED lighting that is programmed to change colour, which creates a series of dynamic lighting effects and atmospheres. This sophisticated approach to lighting not only uses colour but also plays with reflection and shadow. When teamed with the movement of the studio cameras, this results in highly unusual and theatrical televisual effects. The project highlights the complexity of designing for media broadcast and the need to factor in the camera as an additional design consideration and tool.

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