Artist Studio Hohe Wand

Lower Austria
Photo © Vera Subkus
Photo © Vera Subkus
Photo © Vera Subkus
Photo © Vera Subkus
Photo © Vera Subkus
Photo © Vera Subkus
Veech x Veech Architects
Lower Austria

An artist’s studio, gallery space and sculpture garden are designed to make the most of mountainside views on a demanding site.

The core idea was to create a unique setting for an artist studio and sculpture garden positioned on a hillside with breath-taking views to the valley below. This meant maximising the view from the studio and gallery space while dealing with the significant challenges presented by the steep, south-facing site. Veech x Veech’s solution was to create a terraced landscape with strategically positioned sculptures in each zone. The linear building is designed to frame the dramatic perspectives through full-height glazing. The studio also includes a workshop for welding on the ground floor and living space above on the second floor. One of the challenges was to ensure complete control of internal climatic conditions in both summer and winter in this south-facing building. This was achieved through a combination of measures, including light-diffusing glazing elements with capillary inlays, natural cross-ventilation of all areas, sun protection of the lower gallery level by means of a cantilevered upper floor – which also provides a shaded outdoor area below – and high-quality thermal insulation at the south-west façade.

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