BARMER Customer Service Centers

© SCHNEEWEISS interior
© SCHNEEWEISS interior
rosconi GmbH

Fresh look and discreet ambience for BARMER customer service centers.

To make sure that current and future customers of BARMER, one of the leading German health insurance companies with 9 million clients, are provided with optimal advice and support, 400 BARMER service centers as well as office spaces have been given a fresh, new look made by rosconi. The large-scale project did include the delivery and assembly of office and seating furniture for regional agencies and customer service centers throughout Germany and reflects perfectly the existing CI specifications.

Visitors are being welcomed at a reception area where minor requests and simple questions can be dealt with right away. For detailed advice, customer service advisors move together with the client to the specifically designed, separate communication zones. Following a rotating principle another customer service advisor then moves into the entrance area and takes over the reception of visitors.

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