Residential Construction and Restoration

Visualization © p.good
Visualization © p.good
Visualization © p.good
Drawing © p.good
Drawing © p.good
Drawing © p.good
P.GOOD Praschl-Goodarzi Architekten ZT GmbH
Neubaugürtel 13-17 / Goldschlagstraße 2-4, 1150, Vienna
1M - 100M
5-20 Stories

The project will include block renewal and gutting the center courtyard, renovation of the base of the building, attic space conversion and two new buildings.

The project is located at the western beltway of the city, a target area for urban development. The subsidized renewal of six adjacent properties will create a substantial momentum to further upgrade the western beltway, which could trigger future modernization measures in the surrounding area.

Concept – Unlike the well-known large-scale projects in the area, such as the Westbahnhof, Central Library and the tent roof construction at Urban Loritz Platz, this project is in private ownership and not initiated by the public sector. However it provides excellent examples of what is possible in the field of subsidized housing renovation for private homeowners, and indeed is a model for what can be expected for the many interest-homeowners on the western beltway. In addition to the significant improvement in the housing situation – through gutting the center courtyard, measures to green the outdoor areas, house renovations, installation of balconies and the construction of new attractive penthouse apartments – the project places a highly visible architectural symbol along the street space.

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