Confectionery Oberlaa Townhouse Leyserstraße 2

Photo © BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
Photo © BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
Photo © BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
© BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
© BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
© BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
© BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
© BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
© BWM Architekten / Foto: Severin Wurnig
BWM Architekten
Neuer Markt 16, 1010 Vienna
1-5 Stories
OBERLAA Konditorei GmbH & Co KG
Michele Sabini, Nadja Cvrcek, Erich Bernard, Ingrid Schmid, Nadja Cvrcek
Building construction
A2K Architekten
Project management / site supervision
Ecoplan Bauplanungen
Light planning
Christian Ploderer
Catering facilities
Schweitzer Ladenbau GmbH

A gem on Vienna’s Neuer Markt square.

BWM Architekten – in collaboration with A2K Architekten – have transformed the town house in which the renowned Oberlaa confectionery is located into a true landmark. Three storeys, a two-storey conservatory and a completely redesigned interior await guests seeking the company’s famous sweet treats.

The popular Konditorei Oberlaa has been a Viennese fixture for more than 40 years, and its main branch at Neuer Markt 16 has been a magnet for lovers of finest patisserie and confectionery since the very beginning. In the course of extensive renovations, an entire storey was added to the grand town house, which now comprises three floors. The new two-storey conservatory was also fitted out and the interior completely redesigned. BWM Architekten were responsible for the design and interior design, A2K Architekten for the structural final planning, and Ecoplan for the construction supervision.

Subtle colours complement the sweet treats.
In 2018 BWM Architekten gave the new Oberlaa branch on Vienna’s famous shopping street Mariahilfer Strasse its cool look. “We are carrying on this successful concept at the Neuer Markt branch and combining it with the long tradition at this iconic location,” says BWM architect Erich Bernard. What guests immediately notice when entering the confectionery is the centrally positioned, free-standing display case, which perfectly showcases the Oberlaa cakes, strudels and pastries, and the chandelier suspended above it. The popular LaaKronen, Florentine biscuits, tartelettes and eclairs are presented like precious gemstones in display cases across three floors, and the new interior complements the subtle colours of these sweet treats. The pastel colour scheme in the bright, open rooms creates an atmosphere that is both refreshing and warm. In the staircase area the colour is concentrated into a vibrant coral tone.

A feeling of spaciousness.
In the course of renovations, the staircase, formerly located along the external wall, was moved further into the building. It now leads upstairs like a curled terrazzo ribbon, and an eye-catching chandelier at its centre, reminiscent of a shell necklace, illuminates and connects the three floors. The clearly defined main room with its distinctive, centrally positioned counter opens up to a spacious conservatory. With a total area of almost 400m² and seating for up to 220 guests, the Oberlaa confectionery at Neuer Markt plays in the big leagues.

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