Mexico, Mexico
Pascal Arquitectos

Architecture or Sudoku?

Because of the value of the ground and the pressure coming from the developers to obtain the maximum potential out of each piece of land, we have been forced to think and create new architecture, where the spatiality is a consequence and not the main objective to reach, and where everything becomes a tridimensional hypertext closer to a Sudoku game defined by the proximity of the spaces, the positioning of the columns in order to make the parking lot more efficient, and the knitting of the installations, trying to make everything fit in every direction, leaving little room to create architecture.

GL31 turned to be even more complex because of the irregular shape of the plot,  the entrance is in one street and the exit in a different one with two pedestrian entrances, and to all this we have to add the amount of interior spaces left because there is no access to the street, which makes it a architectural commercial and functional challenge. Finally these interior  apartments ended up being the best ones because they are far away from the noise of the street, with an enriching social environment.   

In the architectural world we tend to think that the ideal project, and the ones that gives more room for creativity, is the one that takes place in a big area, where there are not any kind  restrictions. In our case, we see these limits as a challenge to our creativity (furthermore; we add the same tridimensional modulations as the one in the rest of our projects of 4 by 4 feet).

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