Graf-Adolf-Square 15

Düsseldorf, Germany
Photo © Till Engels
Photo © panramio
Photo © WES LandscapeArchitecture
Photo © WES LandscapeArchitecture
Photo © WES LandscapeArchitecture
Photo © Studio Koslowski
Photo © Studio Koslowski
Photo © Till Engels
Photo © Till Engels
Site plan
© WES LandscapeArchitecture
Landscape Architects
WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Düsseldorf, Germany

In connection with the 90 m high office building, GAP 15, new development work was carried out on the Graf-Adolf-Platz. The task was to restructure the urban space, define it more precisely, and make it tangible again.

The existing setting, which was characterized primarily by streets and traffic, was radically simplified: floor paving across the whole square, the “elevation” of the park through a gentle modelling of the ground and 40cm-high, metallic green steel borders, the preservation of all the park trees and the removal of the entire shrub-like undergrowth.

The “Mikado” motif of road axes and white illuminated benches between the exclusive shopping street Königsallee and the 21st century art collection of the K21 is the main feature of the design draft. Low-key arrangements of seating and steles made of natural stone mark the areas in which people are encouraged to linger. A particularly striking element is the very long, linear seating elements made of translucent plastic that are spread across the space like Mikado sticks, extending into the adjacent urban spaces. They creatively enclose the square and transform it into an art space at night. As both sculptural seating and light objects, they very much contribute to giving the Graf-Adolf-Platz a distinct identity.

GAP 15 GmbH, Düsseldorf
IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, Düsseldorf

Project period
2002 - 2005

19.250 m²

1st prize „GAP 15“, 2002

WES & Partner

J.S.K Dipl. Ing. Architekten, Düsseldorf

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