Harbour Victor and Harbour of Issy-les-Moulineaux

Paris, France
Photo © DFA
Photo © DFA
Photo © DFA
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
75015 Paris, France
Port autonome de Paris

The redevelopment project is part of a plan to reclaim and enhance the Seine: restore the continuity of the Seine's landscapes, integrate the river into urban practices, increase their accessibility, diversify their uses, develop waterborne transport and integrate industrial activities.

The industrial port reserved for activities during the week opens at weekends for urban use. Between the Javel Park and the St Germain Island Park, which testify to the richness and diversity of the river's landscapes, the sequence of the Ports becomes a link and a passage.

Upstream, on either side of the bridge of the ring road, the activities of the industrial port are spread out. Downstream from the site, the passenger stopover is recorded in another register, taking advantage of this open space as an opportunity for a privileged interface between the city and the Seine.

In our proposals, we have focused on the simplicity and robustness of the facilities, and sought to pool technical functions to keep the ground very clear.

A walk on the water made up of floating pontoons, establishes at the end of the port on Issy-les- a real island. Its orientation and links with the lower wharf create a walking route that provides access to cruise ships and passenger ships. Its linear shape creates a viewpoint on the Seine with views of the river, Ile St. Germain, Paris and the industrial area.

Competition 2007
Start of planning 04 | 2008
Start of construction 10 | 2011

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