Hatta resort

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obermoser + partner architekten zt gmbh
Scheich Abdullah al Mualla
Johann Obermoser, Clemens Steininger, Harald Brutscher

Project development for a resort in a mountainous, desertic area in the United Arab Emirates.
Essential requirement of the proposal has been the fulfilment of an absolute self-sustainability concept.
Building materials available on site are: clay, stone and wood.
The energetic supply concept involves natural ventilation principles (“wind towers”) and rainwater collecting techniques, moreover it suggests a self-sufficient energetic supply and alimentary production on site.

Willing to respond to the most diverse needs with creative tailored solutions, the project displays a broad spectrum of living typologies: a hotel, luxurious villas, adventurous bivouacs or guest houses are among the options. Those typologies can address to a broad clientele having diverse cultural backgrounds and different age ranges. They respond to different privacy degrees and offer rest and recreation facilities.

The hotel should become a “landmark” for the region.
A variety of open-air leisure activities are among the resort offers.
On the existing terrain, partially altered by human intervention, greenery will be enriched and increased. Spectacular highlights such as oases and a rock gorge will complete the ensemble.
A a pedestrian path will connect all individual accommodations by leading guests through the variagate landscape.

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