Hotel Puradies

Hotel Puradies / Kya Barstool, Leya Barstool, Leya Chair
© Puradies
Hotel Puradies / Kya Barstool, Leya Barstool, Leya Chair
© Puradies
Hotel Puradies / Kya Barstool, Leya Barstool, Leya Chair
© Puradies
Rain 9, 5771 Leogang
Baumeister Ing. Franz Pfiffer

Leya– Starting as a single piece, over the years, the Leya model created by Hamburg design-duo Hoffmann & Kahleyss has given birth to a multitudinous product family encompassing everything from stools, to armchairs through to couches and benches. All products of the Leya family follow the same design attributes - namely the combination of elegant, tightly upholstered exteriors with a soft, padded interior which feels like cushion nestling against as the user sits. It is the perfect synthesis between timeless elegance and maximum comfort that makes the Leya product range, completed by a matching side table, such a success.

Kya - Looking at the equestrian form of Kya bar-stool, it isn’t hard to see where Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher of the Neuland design duo got their inspiration from. The exciting thing about transposing the shape of a saddle onto a bar-stool is that it allows the person sitting on it to change position, from the time-honoured perch to a real rider’s straddle; a welcome side effect of this variability is that it is also good for the back. To underline the horse-riding heritage of the model, the leather seat is composed of three individual sections of leather joined using distinctive double-stitching. Available in three heights as a bar-stool, kitchen stool, and stool seat, Kya comes either on a wooden or a steel frame.

Kya Barstool
Leya Barstool
Leya Chair

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