Kindergarten Schukowitzgasse

Visualization © VXV
Visualization © VXV
Visualization © VXV
Picture © VXV
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Veech x Veech Architects

Veech x Veech’s entry to the competition for a passive-house daycare facility on Schukowitzgasse in Vienna’s 22nd district proposed a ternary structure that would harmonise with the surrounding infrastructure and at the same time manifest a vibrant, child-appropriate architecture.

Veech x Veech’s design for a passive-house daycare facility was conceived as a ternary structure that was compatible with the low-rise buildings of the neighbourhood while adding a vibrant touch of modernism that also served as a visual symbol for children. The design provided for a maximum amount of daylight and a clearly defined structure for straightforward orientation. Three tubular forms housed the group spaces and offered direct access to outdoor terraces and the garden playground. Their pixel-like, multi-coloured glass facades augmented the strict geometry of the structure and responded to the children’s world of kaleidoscope fascination and colour intensity. The connecting spaces, which provided areas for central functions such as creative activities and meals, connected the two levels with garden-facing, double-height glass atriums that enabled spatially stimulating sight lines.

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