Lucy Bar at Belvedere 21

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rosconi GmbH
Gregor Eichinger | eichinger offices

Lucy Bar at Belvedere 21.

Austrian architect Gregor Eichinger designed Luca Bar at Belvedere 21 in the spirit of his colleague Karl Schwanzer, who died in 1975. Rosconi restored and built a total of 42 ‘Karl Schwanzer armchairs’ for the new place to be. Guests are welcomed by an extraordinarily designed space where modern elements meet historic preservation. The modern day bar with evening service is characterized by individual elements, the armchairs by Karl Schwanzer e.g. have the special feature that the angular measurement of 128 degrees pervades the entire design. “We took up this dimension and incorporated it into the design of Lucy Bar. The angle is everywhere”, explains architect Gregor Eichinger. According to Eichinger, The architectural challenge was in the listed room. “Particularly the white ceiling and the tiled floor are atypical for a bar, but of course cannot be changed. Large artist lights, padded bar fronts and the purple coloring give the rather cool space a cozy atmosphere. In addition to the bar area, the armchairs by Karl Schwanzer are at the heart of the space.”

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