Music Box am Arsenalstreg

Visualization © Zoom VP
Visualization © Zoom VP
Visualization © Zoom VP
heri & salli

The architectural studio heri &salli has won the contest “Life in the Helmut-Zilk park“, with a contribution to the neighborhoodcentres in Vienna /Sonnwendviertel Ost.
In collaboration with the ÖSW (Östereichisches Siedlungswerk), the art and communication agency Artphalanx and the landscape architect Carla Lo, the very interesting and manifold project “Music Box am Arsenalsteg” was developed.

The Music box near Vienna Central Station will combine living, working and leasure time in one building. Vienna, as one of Europe’s cultural centers will receive a customized infrastructure for the needs and demands of creatively working people-especially people working in the music sector.
The interplay of different components and actors will generate a vivid hotspot of creativity as well as stimulating and identity–forming impulses for the entire quarter “Sonnwendviertel.

Heterogeneous use:

Based on the exceptional location in the center of the new quarter, the MUSIC-Box on the one hand takes up the potential of the place itself, on the other hand it focuses on the supra- regional needs of the “city of music” Vienna. People of all kinds, like students, urban nomads, members of the ensemble and guest lecturers inhabit the house.

The music box offers room for different styles of living with spacious integrated open areas, a music school, rehearsal rooms, movement space, a “Creative Lab” used for evening events as well as for gym and fitness programs during the day, a “quarter central” as hub for service and information for the surrounding area, that serves also as bar and restaurant, furthermore a “quarter hotel” and a 24- hour store with local supplier-boxes.
Together with the surrounding spaces and green areas the open air restaurants and consumption-free zones, like open air theaters, a cinema and concerts with potential for participation create a fluent transition to the public space.
The result of architecture offers a wide range of scope of action.

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