Ötztal Tourismus

View from across the Ötztaler Ache
Photo © Christian Flatscher
View from across the Ötztaler Ache
Photo © Christian Flatscher
View from the bridge
Photo © Christian Flatscher
Social area at the top floor
Photo © Christian Flatscher
Photo © Christian Flatscher
Street view
Photo © Christian Flatscher
obermoser + partner architekten zt gmbh
Achweg 5, 6450 Sölden
Ötztal Tourismus
Johann Obermoser, Felix Fehr, Christoph Neuner, Sandra Seeber, Andreas Norz
ZSZ Ingenieure ZT GmbH, Innsbruck
Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary facilities
Alp Solar Klimadesign, Innsbruck
Electrotechnical building equipment
Eidelpes Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik, Innsbruck

Design concept
The building is located in respectful distance to the existing buildings.
The amount of light exposure, the visual relationships to natural surroundings, generous voids between existing tissue and new volume have been thoughtfully planned.
In terms of height and volume, the building reacts to its immediate surroundings by respectfully sinking and rising in correspondence to given alignments, shaping its appearance and orientation in ideal relationship to the location.
By dynamically leaning forward, the building formally encloses the forecourt, gaining clearly a prominent role within the town square, as symbolically bowing to the guests.

A homogeneous paving material for outdoor-forecourt and indoor ground floor spaces generates a smooth merge between outside and inside. The façade lifts its forefront, opening like an open mouth towards square and river.
Boundaries between public outdoor spaces and interiors blur, inviting visitors to freely approach the inside space, where interactive exhibitions show the nearby natural surroundings. On the upper floors, free-floor arrangements allow flexible distribution spaces.
On the upper floors, flexible distribution arrangements, floor-to-ceiling furniture and glass partitions clearly define working groups and thematic areas, rearrangeable anytime. Constructive elements enable as well free distribution rearrangements and versatile solutions. Windows have been designed in order to preserve a monolithic appearance of the building; storeys are not readable on the facade.

Materials could be locally produced and quickly delivered. The execution procedures guaranteed low-energetic-standards implementation and an energy-optimised building method. The basement was built with water-proof reinforced concrete. The underground garage was designed to fulfil a maximum capacity of parking places, further implemented by an additional basement level.

Regional materials have been favoured, in clear reference to the surrounding natural landscape. Their skilful arrangement gave the building a modern and honest character with high references to traditional craftmanship.
The façade combines grey larch shingles, full-height-wooden windows and an open glass-façade, creating the prominent image of a monolithic body outgrowing the surrounding buildings.

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