Raiffeisenlandesbank (RLB) in Graz-Raaba

Photo © Walter Henisch
Photo © Walter Henisch
Photo © Walter Henisch
Photo © Walter Henisch
Photo © Walter Henisch
Vogl Deckensysteme GmbH
DI Strohecker GmbH
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The new building of Raiffeisenlandesbank (RLB) in Graz-Raaba is a masterpiece thanks to its ceiling system. It is a successful mixture of floating ceilings and acoustic design ceilings produced by German manufacturer Vogl Deckensysteme.
Not far from the Graz motorway junction, the market town Raaba in Styria is located. There, the new building rises above its flat surroundings. Not only acoustic design ceilings meeting the demands of function and aesthetics were used.
In particular floating ceilings, which are the gold standard of modern ceiling design, were installed on a huge surface. This construction project comprised the use of different materials for the floating ceilings, such as wood, metal and plasterboard. Using the Compound Seam system, Vogl acoustic design panels were mounted on an area of approx. 4,300 m² to an even ceiling framework with integrated light elements. We recommend Vogl ceiling systems with air purification effect for large rooms, because they do not only absorb noise but also purify the inside air. Noise reduction and a pleasant room climate have far more importance in interior design than you may think.

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