Swarovski Crystal Landscape „Place to be“

Photo © Holger Knauf
Photo © Holger Knauf
Photo © Holger Knauf
Photo © Holger Knauf
Photo © Thomas Schüpping
Photo © Holger Knauf
Interior Designers

Linked to the Swarovski Veil a smooth outer space with seating, lightened pads and bicyle parking is created. A new feature is the bright and consistent Creative concrete, which acts like sandy bottom and marks a new gentle urban space instead of the usual asphalt. Even the opposite side of the street is incorporated in the shape of a grove lined with silverlimes. This creates a fluid transition to the public space. Veil, landscaping, illumination and the design of the space merge to become a breathtaking backdrop. A group of illuminated pads creates a seating arrangement and doubles as the boundary to what lies beyond… During the day, rays of sun and traveling clouds revel in this space, triggering a constant change. When night falls, a spectacle takes place that lives in harmony with the hues of the sky. This setting forms the groundwork for a permanent and enchanting transformation. Swarovski a new place to be…

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