Housing project ’Freiraum Maxglan’

Photo © Werner Huthmacher
Photo © Werner Huthmacher
Photo © Werner Huthmacher
Photo © Werner Huthmacher
Photo © Werner Huthmacher
Photo © Werner Huthmacher

BRIEF: The masterplan for the grounds of the former “Struber Barracks” in Salzburg with 300 publicly funded rent, rent-to-buy- , and privately-owned apartments, a kindergarten, and a city park.

ADDED VALUE: The design turns the task on its head: the space dedicated to a city park is not merely leftover space in a densely built terrain, but rather primarily remains atmospheric and free from traffic to create a publicly-used free space interspersed with loosely arranged small “island” residencies.

HOUSING PROJECT “STRUBERKASERNE”: For years, the unused former barrack grounds were recognizable only through the wildly overgrown meadows. In order to maintain the landscape’s particular quality since the shutdown of the barracks, the masterplan offers up the possibility of keeping this very natural-looking landscape. Within this landscape, five decks will be interspersed throughout the area on which the residence buildings will be arranged in a somewhat more urban density. Residencies will be built on these “floating decks” and consist of a mix of privately-owned and rented apartments – some with gardens and many with either a balcony or a terrace. The entrance roads from the neighboring streets (Kleßheimer Allee and Siezenheimer Straße) leading to the underground parking lots, individually arranged with the residency “islands.” A kindergarten and a small shopping center will be built close to the Kleßheimer Allee.

residency, city building

gfa 49.250m²
construction volume 167.750m³
356 living units

Gem. Wohn-und Siedlungsgenossenschaft Salzburg, reg. Gen.mbH
Salzburger Siedlungswerk Gem. Wohnungswirtschaftsges.mbH
Alpine Bau GmbH
Ing. W. Steiner Bau GmbH
Heimat Österreich gem. Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH
Steiner & Wanner Wohnbau GmbH
Arge Freiraum Maxglan

1st Prize 2010

2011 - 2014

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