Berger+Parkkinen Architekten

Ice Sports Centre Vienna

Vienna, 2011

The “Albert-Schultz” ice-rink, inaugurated in 1994, could not meet the requirement profile for modern ice sport facilities an...

Elmar Ludescher Architekt

Stadion St. Pölten

St. Pölten, 2009

Das neue Stadion St. Pölten ist als weithin sichtbare, unverwechselbare städtebauliche Großform konzipiert, die oberhalb ...

hohensinn architektur

Sports- and Recreation Centre in Stattegg

Stattegg, 2003

Stattegg’s sports stadium is a model complex built in connection with a study on multifunctional leisure and sports facilities with...

hohensinn architektur

Bad Aussee Sports and Recreation Centre

Bad Aussee, 2003

The concept of the sports and recreation centre is designed to fit in with its growing social relevance as a place of “real life so...

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