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Ever since [tp3] architects were founded, we have been working on both the idea and implementation of sustainable building concepts. The creation of a symbiosis between ecological, social, economic and aesthetic aspects, as well as energy-optimised façade and ground plan typologies represent a processing criterion that goes without saying. The location, contents and form merge together as a matter of course to create one unit. We view urban, economic and technical parameters as being catalysts for new ideas and unconventional solutions, with the location of the building project and the requirement profile being the starting point of our consideration. Sustainability, passive house concepts, ecological designs, lifecycle considerations and conserving resources are not simply catchphrases, they are an integral component of our architectural work. We aren’t interested in looking for architecture in expressionist experiments; our goal is to create a dense atmosphere using materials, light, structure, colour etc., and to ensure the economical use of our environment. Our architectural office sees itself as being a service provider with a wide range of services which we are able to offer our clients. We function as partners and client representatives for our contractors and can guarantee you optimum quality for your project from both a technical, economical and architectural point of view. We can offer all planning work from the preliminary draft, to the draft, to the application planning, the site and detailed planning, the cost determination, etc., as well as the local construction supervision for all building projects, both for renovation work and new build, in order to optimise the construction sequence and the production costs. Our range of services is completed by urban planning studies and construction plans as well as interior design and furniture design.

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