Photo © Nico Herzog
Photo © Nico Herzog
Photo © Nico Herzog
Photo © Nico Herzog
Photo © Nico Herzog

Herrenhausen Castle

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Jastrzembski Kotulla Architekten
Drywall contractors
Heinz Mänz Ausbau GmbH - Bohle-Gruppe
Commercial aspects of the project
Skala Akustik-Decken GmbH

The reconstruction of Herrenhausen Castle in the capital of Lower Saxony was completed in March 2013. The white classicist building with its two wings and monumental flight of steps offers ample space for a modern conference centre and museum rooms. The required ceiling systems accentuating the rooms were produced by the German manufacturer Vogl Deckensysteme of Emskirchen.
Herrenhausen Castle used to be in the possession of the Hanoverian electorates who belong to the line of the Guelphs. In January 2013, the white building that elegantly merges tradition and history was inaugurated. The two wings to the left and right frame the generous flight of steps and emphasise the grandeur of the building which continues into the interior. The white building that elegantly merges tradition and history was inaugurated.
The ceiling design is an eye-catcher and marks the ambience of the rooms. Acoustic ceiling systems were installed in the following areas: Museum entrance (80 m²), seminar rooms (400 m² in total), lecture hall (450 m²), banquet hall (600 m²), bar (100 m²) as well as conference facilities with public areas such as hallway and lobby (approx. 350 m²). In some of the areas mentioned above, the VoglToptec acoustic plaster system was used. It combines the acoustic performance of a perforated acoustic ceiling with the optical appearance of a closed ceiling surface. Especially the "moulded element waves" in the lecture hall are the icing on the cake of sophisticated interior design. Semi-circular moulded elements were installed in the banquet hall, bar and seminar room. While installing these elements made sure to achieve proper interconnection between the elements. Good fingertip feeling was wanted especially near exhaust air joints and mobile partitions to avoid later cracking. For designing the light channel, the dry construction specialist installed the prefabricated moulded elements.

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