Water Tower

Brasschaat, Belgique
Photo © Coolens & Deleuil
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Photo © Sven Everaert
Binst Architects
undefined, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgique
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Water towers form part of our industrial heritage – often with the ambition of a second childhood in the long term. The symbolic strength of such a landmark in the landscape thus became a particular challenge as a basic structure for the organization of a family home. The space was reduced to all its naked beauty and clad in a semi-transparent glass covering as an architectural layer and beacon around the rooms of the upper floors. As an anchor and a foot on the ground, the glass tower is supported by a 6 m high living space with a view over the forests of Brasschaat. Steep stairs stand as one high ladder straight through the tower and together with the polished concrete floor reinforce the ambition of an industrial symbiosis between old and new. The cylindrical reservoir remains an untouched crown on this timeless adventure.

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