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Aluminium gratings to cover Floor Units and stainless steel drainage channels from TTC Architects: JSK, Düsseldorf Interior architects: Claudia de Bruyn, Ratingen und Uta Cossmann, Düsseldorf

Interior and Exterior:
Aluminium longitudinal gratings with angled frames; stainless steel drainage channels with aluminium longitudinal gratings; matching interior and exterior finish, fits the axial dimension

Interior: 1,350 m aluminium longitudinal gratings welded onto combs, type TTC-KSF- 18.03.77AN; 10 mm bar spacing with aluminium angled frames 30/20/3 mm; finished with cellular rubber on the façade side to prevent expansion noises; one aluminium plate per 1,250 mm axial dimension to join the grids and as wall joints; acoustically decoupled; natural anodised finish

Exterior: 140 m stainless steel drainage channels, type TTC FR 10/U.VA, with aluminium longitudinal gratings, type KSF-18.3.77AN; drainage channels with runoff support DN 100 and sludge collector; longitudinal gratings welded onto combs; 10 mm bar spacing, 5 mm in the entrance area, can be walked on with stiletto heels; natural anodised finish

Dimensions: Length x Depth x Height
1,150 x 240 x 30 mm grids and frames
100 x 240 x 30 mm aluminium plates

2,500 x 150 x 200 mm drainage channel
1,250 x 150 x 37 mm comb grating

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