Foto © RTL Luxemburg / Photographer: Laurent Antonelle / blitz_agency 1
Foto © RTL Luxemburg / Photographer: Laurent Antonelle / blitz_agency 1
Foto © RTL Luxemburg / Photographer: Laurent Antonelle / blitz_agency 1

RTL Luxembourg

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Luxembourg, Lussemburgo
A+P Kieffer Omnitec
Jean Schmit Engineering, Luxembourg

For the highest demands
The RTL Group Europe’s largest operator of advertising-financed private television, has had a new head office built. The complex is called ”RTL City” and occupies a prominent position in Luxembourg: On the Kirchberg plateau in the direct vicinity of various banks and EU institutions, its three striking towers stand out from afar. The complex’s atrium houses a building innovatively adorned with Corten steel – which in turn contains 18 radio studios.

TV an radio studios in particular have high requirement. The basic noise level must not exceed a certain value, for instance, otherwise the sound of the technical equipment or air-conditioning units can be heard in sound recordings. This translated into NR 20 standard acoustic requirements. An additional installation was to effectively support the envisaged cooling ceiling system, for in the studios themselves a maximum room temperature of 26 degrees was defined, and in the control room, for example, 24 degrees. A further requirement was that as little of the wall surface as possible should be coveres, because it is used for sound absorption.

All stipulations are met by the silent cooling of TTC Timmler Technology. The state-of-the-art TTC product GraviVent® boasts several advantages: All mechanical components are located outside the studios. The gravitiy cooling only switches on when the cooling ceiling system no longer ensures the desired room temperature. With gravity cooling integrated into wall shafts, their exterior surfaces can be used for sound absorption.

This solution enables the reliable regulation of the room climate – with no noise emissions and yet still in a resource-sparing manner. Even large amounts of heat are discharged without ventilation. As such, the TTC system meets the high demands applicable to the entire RTL complex.

CEO Thomas Rabe said at the inauguration: ”The new building is efficient, cutting edge, and has the state-of-the-art technology.” And precisely these qualities also apply on the cooling system.

Technical Specification
Air Grids
→ Air grid LST 18, bar distance 17mm, natural anodised
→ Frame 29/25/6mm, natural anodised, with clips
→ Total 108.52m x 576mm + 108.52 m x 250mm

→ 101 units type AISI x-51-2-R/L-2 = 155m
→ 16°/19°–26° C | Heff (effective duct height) >7.0m
→ 14 units type AISI 24.51 = 33.6m Effective length 31.78m x 884W/m = 28.04kW
→ 3 units type AISI 22.51 = 6.6m Effective length 6.36m x 884W/m = 3,27kW
→ 4 units type AISI 18.51 = 7.2m Effective length 6.88m x 884W/m = 4.02kW
→ Total hall 35.83kW

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