Hotel Seeglück Forelle am Millstätter See

Room with a balcony overlooking the lake
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Room numbers with fish detail in the hallway
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Overview of a room
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Light in the bathroom
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Overview of the bathroom
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Room with lake view and different wallpaper
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Shower with stone wall
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Drop shaped lamp next to the bad
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Balcony overlooking the lake
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Fish wallpaper in the hallway
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Overview of a room
写真 © Rupert Mühlbacher
Rendering of the hallway wallpaper and fish detail
ビジュアリゼーション © Archisphere

Under the sign of the fish
The next chapter in a long story

Charles Baudelaire once wrote: “There is no greater pleasure than to surprise people by giving them more than they expect”. The French poet's verse could have been the inspiration for Die Forelle, the hotel on Millstatt lake where countless details contribute to creating a singular experience, a lasting memory of precious vacations moments, hence exceeding guests' expectations.

The estate’s architecture plays a significant role here. It is quite literally the foundation and the signature of the dwelling, a first and lasting impression; all further impressions, the details of the design, are meant to complement it. Architecture and design studio Archisphere has dedicated its efforts to achieving this goal.

The goal was to honour Die Forelle’s long-standing history as the first house on one of Austria’s most breathtaking lakes, and to incorporate it into the vision of a promising future. The poesy of a summer retreat where one can relax "as in the good old days" was to be preserved. Nevertheless, guests should be able to enjoy contemporary amenities irrespective of the season – the new spa area above all, and rooms whose furnishings exude cosiness, regardless of whether it is the lake or the snow that sparkle in the sun outside. As it were, Die Forelle is becoming a year-round destination, expanding into seasons enjoyed not only on the beach but also on the slopes or, precisely, spent relishing the relaxing interiors. While the construction is scheduled to extend over several stages, the project’s first completed phase already provides visitors with an inspiring impression of what is yet to come. A large new building is due in a year's time – it is intended to enhance the existing infrastructure and create a coherent overall experience for the visitor. A new chapter is hereby added to Die Forelle’s long architectural narrative and, while the standard is preserved and the historical foundation remains perceptible, modernity is elegantly blended in.

Die Forelle – a hotel on the lake and under the sign of the fish, where water abounds: This combination evokes emotions and images which can, in turn, be expressed in formal language and gestures, from the logo to the menu, intuitively and in visual stimuli that are occasionally meant to be perceived but otherwise discreetly contributing to the experience of the place – the materials and colors used, or the quality of the light.

The design revolved around the idea of "bringing the lake indoors", and indeed, the lake’s waters can be seen from every room in the new wing. As waves gently roll in, the guests’ minds drift off onto the lake. The use of glass creates vistas, and the bathroom doors, with their undulating panes, recall the crystal-clear water. The stones used in the bathroom evoke the pebbles in the lake, whose proximity is graphically emphasized by fish motifs. Clarity, health and life resonate here poetically.

Good design should literally shine in the right light. The Archisphere team therefore paid special attention to the light in all rooms. It used direct lighting where it was needed so that guests can concentrate on dining, reading or other activities. Indirect lighting in the right color temperature creates a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. At the same time colors, which only come into their own through lighting, additionally emphasize the character of interiors. Their culturally anchored symbolism - what do we experience with certain stimuli, what triggers a sense of well-being, what stimulates or calms - has a different effect depending on how intense and how pure the color appears. The complex interplay of materials, colors and light sources determines how a space is experienced. For Archisphere, design know-how is just as important as knowledge of basic architectural rules and the perfect technical execution of a project. The architecture and design team explore the wishes and ideas of the customers and develop a story from them, which they creatively implement.

For Die Forelle, the goal is achieved when guests leave the hotel happier than when they arrived. For Archisphere as well.

"Design works best when it is part of a well thought-out overall staging. Archisphere's design for the Hotel am See Die Forelle in Millstatt takes details as seriously as the remodeling, the expansion of the facility and the redesign of the rooms. Materials, proportions, colors, light - everything contributes to the guest experience." - Gabriel Kacerovsky


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