Neugestaltung Wagramer Straße

Arriola & Fiol

Just few times you have the possibility of radically transforming an area of the city of Vienna and link the city with the landscape.

A landscape totally humanized and manipulated by men’s actions by centuries. This transformation is a great opportunity to restore the connection between the landscape and the city.

The parterres disposition harmonizes with the structure of the viennese valley agricultural fields, strengthening the Wargramer urban axis as a new centre for social and commercial activities in Kagran.

The tree rows along the avenue define and limit the rest and walking areas, the play areas, bars and shops in their outdoor parts. They naturally integrate with the original Danube landscape.

In Czernetzplatz the existing topography is modified by 50 cm high terraces, that create quite playing areas and water mirrors that use the difference in height.

The urban furniture and the lighting system elements designed for the occasion will be sober, resistant, originals, integral and classical.

The urban activities and the social relationships grow when a continuity between buildings and open spaces exists. This continuity is also supported by the introduction of adequate species of plants that contribute to the green corridor continuity and support biodiversity into sustainable system.


  • Wellness Bogn Sedrun
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Perrondach Bahnhof Filisur
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Dreifachturnhalle Gipf Oberfrick
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Projektwettbewerb Campus Motel NTB
    FELIX PARTNER Architektur und Design
  • Volksschule Maria Grün
    BERKTOLD WEBER Architekten


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