Passerelle Valmy

Paris, Nanterre, Frankrijk
Photo © Feichtinger Architectes
Photo © Feichtinger Architectes
Photo © Feichtinger Architectes
Photo © Feichtinger Architectes
Photo © Feichtinger Architectes
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Passage Valmy, 92000 Paris, Nanterre, Frankrijk
EPA Seine Arche

The 88-meter long footbridge is part of a promenade between La Defense and Nanterre. Its layout responds to the geometry of the Société Générale office building. The structure is composed by supporting elements in the form of “vertebras”. The “backbone” of the structure consists of a box girder made of welded steel sheets. The “vertebras” are linked with steel rods forming a cable-stayed structure for the vertical loads. Three cables following the outside edge of the circle situated under the deck level respond to torsion forces.

Competition 12 | 2003
Start of Planning 2004
Start of Construction 05 | 2006

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