LUGNER BRIDGE, Pedestrian Bridge

“In the works of Aneta Bulant and Klaus Wailzer, complementary Temperaments achieve a synthesis. Influenced by her south-eastern European background, Bulant always considered architectural forms to be ambivalent and their material presence secondary to her ambition to evolve an environment without formative dictates and to create an un-restricted aura of space and spatial sequences.

The collaboration with Wailzer has served to enrich this ongoing research. Inspired by Claude Levi-Strauss he distanced himself from the usual creative impulses which were aimed at form and object and declared his motto to be: 'think of process, not of form - and work in model'.

Bulant's idea of architecture, which holds few suggestive elements and creates indirect, but calculated moods between existence and non-existence, and Wailzer's experimental originality that questions traditional engineering concepts, both compose the two sides of the same medal, its value well defined by Philip Glass and John Cage. Rejecting the currently practiced technoid expressionism, they work at abstraction and at a formal reduction of visible structure in order to maximize the free space of illusory space values and to extend observation beyond the merely banal. As advanced as their technical details may seem, a demonstration of such know-how is of little importance to them. The objective of the projects by Bulant & Wailzer is the conquest and the Sublimation of the architectural object into architectural state.”

Otto Kapfinger
"Emerging Architecture 1", Architekturzentrum Wien, Springer Wien New York

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