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The focus of our approach to architecture is on careful handling of existing structures and respect for occupants’ needs. These premises are crucial for our designs and determine how we tackle a building task. By means of intelligent, user-oriented planning and appropriate measures tailored to specific conditions, we aim to create qualities and synergies in the interest of all those involved and in the spirit of the ordering, structuring task of responsible architecture.

We are interested in an intensive co-operation with the building developers and in optimal implementation of individual needs in architecture. The aim is not only to fulfil the required space allocation plan but equally to perceive and transform personal wishes and ideas so as to ensure that a building – similar to a tailor-made suit – meets all demands as well as possible. In addition, by reacting to the existing topographical and structural setting, we take decisions that determine the organisation, dimensioning, material composition and feel of a building and thus supplement its formal and atmospheric appearance.

Starting from choosing the site, selecting the materials and the construction method, to the use of energy and resources, the use of the building, future maintenance expenses and suitability for recycling of the individual components – our decisions are always based on sustainable thinking, both in terms of economy and ecology.


The Hohensinn architecture office covers the entire sphere of action of architecture. The buildings made range from office and administrative buildings, social housing, residential buildings, courts and penal institutions, sports and leisure facilities, interior design and rehabilitation/renovation to industrial buildings, hotels and holiday resorts; development plans and stu­dies on urban development complete the range of performance.

Hohensinn Architektur is one of the founding partners of the interdisciplinary planning network SEEWOOD and specialises in project development, planning, as well as research and training in the field of timber construction. The focus here is on the appropriate handling of resources. In SEEWOOD, we contribute our many years of experience in handling wood and are actively involved in the technical and material-specific innovations that make this material a modern, sustainable building material.

Hohensinn Architektur is a team of 30 dedicated experts. The company draws on a large variety of experts and specialised planners to provide general contractor services covering the areas of structural design, HVACR, safety engineering, buil­ding physics, acoustic, model making, visualisation and geology. For larger projects we can count on sufficient personnel resources from our partner network. Projects are carried out reliably in terms of costs and on schedule even within tight time frames.

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