Kindergarten Terenten

Terenten, Italy

feld72 is a collective, a laboratory for architecture, engaged in research and finding new strategies for cliché-dominated or underestimated (urban) conditions. feld72 continuously focuses on the borderline where one system converts into another. How can you re-program the ways people use spaces and how they respond to social rules? Possible answers vary from object related planning to urban investigations and interventions.

„As the example of the Million Donkey Hotel demonstrates, there is no break between the theoretical and experimental projects of feld72 and their designs for buildings: all of their work, irrespective of scale or means, investigates how the world is engaged and perceived through the lens of architecture. And there is an architectural lesson we can draw from this work, namely that theessence of architecture is nothing architectural.“

(Kari Jormakka in „Theory and design in the Fourth Machine Age. On the experimental projects by feld72“, published in „feld72. urbanism – for sale.“ (Ed. Lilli Hollein), Springer WienNewYork 2007)

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