St. Trinitatis Catholic parish church

Leipzig, Germany
Photo © Simon Menges
Photo © Simon Menges
Photo © Simon Menges
Schulz und Schulz
Nonnenmühlgasse 2, 04107 Leipzig, Germany
Katholische Propsteipfarrei St. Trinitatis Leipzig

The church christening on 9 May 2015 ends the odyssey of the Leipzig parish community that has lasted over seventy years. With the construction of the new church, St. Trinitas has returned to the centre of the city. For us as architects it was important to develop the new parish church out of the organism of the surrounding city. It obtains its presence through its high church building structure and church tower, but most of all through the inviting openness of the parish courtyard. With its building envelope made of masoned Rochlitz porphyry, the structure acknowledges its region and tradition.

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