Visualization © HOLODECK architects / isochrom
Visualization © HOLODECK architects / isochrom
Drawing © HOLODECK architects / isochrom
Drawing © HOLODECK architects / isochrom
Drawing © HOLODECK architects / isochrom
Drawing © HOLODECK architects / isochrom
Drawing © HOLODECK architects / isochrom

WDR crossmedia house

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Cologne, Germany

As part of the historic city-centre of Cologne, the concept for the WDR crossmedia house is based on restructuring the existing building, re-defining its fabric and re-introducing it into the urban realm with an inviting character. The creation of two multistorey vertical atria including one side-changing vertical atrium enables natural light to enter into the great depths of the building. The design is supporting various zones, including flexible and distinguishable working areas, communication boxes, and relaxation spaces. Common areas on the ground level are facing the square and include a public café as a vibrant meeting point and a waiting area in the public lobby. These common areas extend and open up to the surrounding, due to the structure’s high ceilings and the glazed façade.

This proposal is responding spatially to the ever-changing times of working in the media sector, proofing its spatialities for future adaptations, using the existing framework. 600 working spaces are positioned on the restructured levels with visual access to the three light-flooded open atria with plants or next to the city facing facades. Inner staircases support communication and faster connections on demand.

Sustainability becomes a particularly important part of the WDR crossmedia house, using renewable energy next to the natural building conditions produced through the numerous greens. The microclimate in all areas benefit from the inner gardens, located in the
atria, with one even stretching in between the east and the west façade. Primary Energy is gained by geothermal probes that supports the heat pump. Warm air is refreshed by plants in the vertical atria and leaves through roof openings with cooler air subsequent.

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